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Water Conservation in Southern Nevada

Hoover Dam, Lake Mead in 2013 Low

The Colorado River provides 90 percent of the water supply for southern Nevada. When it comes to conserving our most precious natural resource, southern Nevada is setting the standard for the rest of the country and the world. Even though population in southern Nevada increased by 690,000 residents from 2002 - 2018, water consumption decreased by 38 percent per capita during this time period.

The Colorado River Commission of Nevada (CRCNV) supports the robust conservation and education programs of the Southern Nevada Water Authority and its member agencies. Some of the recent key water conservation achievements include:

  • Removal of 189 million square feet of high-water use grass in Clark County
  • Partnership with Southern Nevada Home Builders Association to include water efficient appliances in new homes
  • Enhancing educational programs to make water conservation a routine way of life

For more information on southern Nevada’s water conservation programs and ways you can help, please call Ms. Angela Slaughter, Natural Resources Manager at 702-486-2672 or visit these websites: