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Energy Services Group

Service to Silver State Energy Association

In 2007, the CRC, along with several of its customers, entered into a cooperative agreement to form the Silver State Energy Association (SSEA). The SSEA is a joint powers agency that was formed for the purpose of jointly planning, developing, owning, and operating energy resources. The members of the SSEA include:

  • CRC
  • SNWA
  • City of Boulder City
  • Overton Power District No. 5
  • Lincoln County Power District No. 1
Power Traders
Power Traders

The SSEA is staffed by employees of the CRC and the SNWA. During Fiscal Year 2017/18, the SSEA forecasts that it will secure approximately 1,203,000 megawatthours (MWh) of power from the market to meet the needs of its members. Approximately 950,000 MWh will be supplied to the SNWA and its member agencies including the Las Vegas Valley Water District, the City of Las Vegas, the City of Henderson, the City of North Las Vegas, and the Clark County Water Reclamation District to meet their water pumping and wastewater needs. Another 68,000 MWh will be supplied to the City of Boulder City and approximately 185,000 MWh will be supplied to the CRC to meet the needs of the Basic Management Industrial Complex located near Henderson, Nevada. The market power that is supplied to the Basic Management Industrial Complex supplements hydropower that is available to the Complex pursuant to hydropower contracts with the CRC.