Colorado River Commission of Nevada
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Power Delivery Project and Basic Substation Project

The Colorado River Commission, on behalf of the State of Nevada, owns, operates and maintains:

  • Seventeen high-voltage substations, including three serving the Basic Management Industrial Complex (the Basic Substation Project).
  • Thirty-two miles of 230-kV overhead transmission lines.
  • Four miles of 69-kV overhead transmission lines.
  • Eleven miles of 69-kV underground transmission lines.

All of these facilities are located in southern Nevada.

A Typical Distribution Substation
A Typical Distribution Substation

One of 12 distribution substations currently served by the Eastside or Newport transmission substations.

Eastside Transmission Substation
Eastside Transmission Substation

is one of two 230-kV substations. It was designed to minimize visual impacts to surrounding areas. Currently, Eastside feeds seven distribution substations.

Newport Transmission Substation
Newport Transmission Substation

is the second of two 230-kV substations. Currently, Newport serves five distribution substations. The Newport building complex houses the Power Facilities operations center. The office expansion was completed in March 2001.

In addition to operating and maintaining its own equipment, CRC operates and maintains eight substations owned by the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA). Operation and maintenance support is further extended to the City of Boulder City pursuant to a mutual assistance agreement among the parties.

Substation voltages include 230-kV and 69-kV primary voltages and 14.4-kV, 13.8-kV, and 4.16-kV secondary voltages.

In support of this electric system, CRC owns, operates and maintains a communications network, including three microwave radio sites and 58 miles of fiber optic cable.

These facilities are used by CRC to provide electric service to the SNWA's water pumping and treatment facilities and to CRC's other retail customers in the Basic Management Industrial Complex near Henderson, Nevada.

CRC's total electric system, valued at $120,000,000 before depreciation, contains approximately 1,800 megawatts of transformer capacity. As a result, it is the fourth largest transmission and distribution system within the state of Nevada in both a dollar value and on a capacity basis. In addition, it contains some of the newest equipment in southern Nevada, having been constructed from 1996 to the present. The supervisory control and data acquisition system used to operate the electric system is state-of-the art within the industry and has been showcased at national conventions and trade shows.